Is there value in spending money on a renovation? I want to ensure a return on my investment.

Our strength, through years of experience, is evaluating whether or not the improvements you are considering are in your best interest. With our commitment to transparency we will assess if the work being done will reap you a return on your investment. That being said, we take into consideration things such as: location, other renovations in your neighbourhood, real estate market, level of finishing, and cost. Collectively, these will determine your property value before and after the work is done. From there it is up to you to make an educated decision on what is important to you on the investment side, and what is important to you personally.


Why should I hire a designer? Won't I spend a lot more than doing it myself?

Unfortunately, people have the misconception that designers want to spend all of your money, they don't listen to your ideas, they take control of the project, and are basically what you see on HGTV. Well, we feel that is all a myth! The budget for our work is presented to you up front so you know exactly what you will be receiving for the amount charged. Our focus is on creating your space using your ideas and our knowledge, combined. You are ultimately in control of the project, we are here to support you and guide through the process. We are not your HGTV designers, we are down-to-earth women who understand the process and ultimately want to see you happy. By hiring a designer we ensure that all the little details are taken care of, you are exposed to materials and products that you would not otherwise be able to access, and we keep you on budget. We have an already established relationship with reliable trades so we know that you will be provided with unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship. In addition to quality, the money you will actually be saving, by accessing our trades and suppliers through us - believe it or not - exceeds our design fees. 


How do you charge for your time? What can I expect for that?

If it is solely design work and we are not acting as project managers, our fee is based on a percentage of the entire project which is discussed with you at our initial meeting. This percentage will be determined based on what is required for the project. If we are to project manage, as well, there is an additional fee added to the preferred pricing we receive from our trades and suppliers. After the project is complete, if there is additional design or decorating work required either a new contract will be created or we can work on an hourly basis, this is up to your discretion. 

As part of the design package generally the following is included:

  • Time spent measuring your home and discussing concepts.

  • Conceptualizing and sketching ideas and reviewing and modifying them with you.

  • Drafting plans which include: as-built drawings detailing your existing home, demolition plans, new construction plans, finishes plans, electrical and lighting plans, and interior elevations for all cabinetry and built-ins. Depending on your project and requirements this may also include drafting exterior elevations, cross-sections of your home, and construction details.

  • Selection of all interior and exterior finishes right down to door hinges and light switches, all the while being mindful of the overall budget.

  • Compilation of full drawing and selections package, which includes all details needed for the trades and ordering of materials.

  • Coordination of a trades day, where all trades meet us on site to review designs and selections to obtain accurate quotes.

  • Our constant communication with yourselves, the trades, and the contractor on a daily basis throughout the project to ensure no details have been overlooked or missed.


Do you only work with certain contractors?

If you have a contractor that you are currently working with or prefer to work with we are open to also working with them. Otherwise, we can fulfill the role of Project Manager as we have trusted trades of whom we prefer which we can introduce you to. These skilled individuals have worked with us for years and work great as a team, ensuring that your project will run smoothly.