Focus: En Suite Renovation

The original layout of this master en suite left a lot to be desired. The bathroom itself is huge but had a ton of wasted space.

The bathtub was in the centre of the room which not only wasted a lot of space, it looked weird.

For such a large bathroom, the shower was very underwhelming; it was small and very basic, with a builder grade acrylic surround.

While I was working through the different floor plan options, it was crucial to be communicating with the plumber. In the final design, all of the plumbing fixtures were moved from their original locations. The sinks were moved to the opposite side of the room and moved together to make a standard double vanity (instead of the two small vanities in the original). The tub was rotated and moved against the wall. The toilet was rotated to allow for a more functional water closet layout. And lastly, the shower was enlarged and the plumbing wall was flipped to the opposite side.

So, basically, this bathroom had become a ‘gut’ job. We did manage to re-purpose the two vanity cabinets and merge them into the new double vanity, we also reused the same bathtub - these two things meant a huge cost savings for the homeowner.

As for the design selections in this space, we went for a marble-look porcelain tile throughout. The tile that we selected came in a multitude of sizes which allowed me to break up the pattern so it didn’t become to overwhelming. The vanity cabinet was sprayed a navy blue which the client loves (and so do I!)

Cougar Ridge 010.JPG

This bathroom is like night and day - from builder standard to custom - and shows just how much impact renovations can have on your home!