Cougar Ridge Project Reveal

When we began this project the consensus of everyone that came to the house was “it’s nice, why are you changing it?!” The truth is, it was “nice” in a builder standard sort of way. It was dated, despite not being very old, all of the finishes were builder standard, and that just wasn’t what these homeowners were looking for.

That said, most things in the house were in good shape so we did all we could to reuse where we could and most items that were removed (light fixtures!) were either reused in other homes or donated.

There are three things that made the biggest impact in this home: paint, lighting, and tile.

Cougar Ridge 023.JPG

Pretty much everything that could be painted, was painted: walls, stair railings, and cabinets! The walls were brightened using a light, fresh grey. The stair railings were another item that was just “okay”, they were in great shape so we didn’t want to remove them and install new so we chose to paint the spindles in order to break up the monotony of the dark wood. We went more bold with the cabinets throughout. Navy blue and white were used for the cabinets in most spaces, and a fun turquoise for the vanity in the kids bathroom.


Next is the lighting; anyone that knows me knows that selecting lighting is my favourite part of a project, and this was no exception! We continued the new theme of bright and clean throughout the house. Which, needless to say, is a huge improvement over the builder standard lights that came with the home.

The last thing that made the biggest impact is the tile (and countertops, I can’t forget about them!). Once again, the builder standard finishes were scrapped and replaced with new beautiful tiles and counters! In the kitchen we went with a classic white ‘subway’ tile, in a herringbone pattern. In the master en suite we went with a porcelain “marble” that is available in many different sizes so the layout could be mixed up to avoid monotony.

This project was all about freshening up the home, and now it feels like a brand new house!

This is a great example of how the entire feeling of the home can be changed with just a few changes, you don’t always need to tear out all of the walls!