Who can keep up with all the design trends?? Here’s your cheat sheet

Trends are ever changing in every part of our lives, and our homes are definitely part of that! It seems like just when you catch up and have your house decorated juuuuust right everything changes. Remember when everyone was changing all their hardware and appliances to stainless steel? Yah…. sorry…. that’s out.


So what’s “in”??

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Do you avoid your basement?

Basements account for so much of the square footage of our homes but so many people don’t utilize this great space. Just think, if you have a bungalow, you could almost double your usable living space by finishing your basement! Relatively speaking, basement renovations are non-invasive (compared to say, a kitchen or bathroom renovation). Since you are already avoiding the area you won’t be so impacted by the tradespeople in your home.

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