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A bathroom is an essential element in every living space. In fact, they are so frequently used, most households prefer more than one bathroom to accommodate their families needs. An ideal bathroom for your family may include double sinks, tons of storage space for toiletries or linens and a luxurious atmosphere that makes the space your very own relaxing refuge. Or maybe you are looking for a simple, white bathroom that is easy to clean and only includes the essential bathroom features. Regardless of the requirements, the bathroom interior designers at LMNT, a Calgary interior design company, have the experience and ideas to help you create your perfect bathroom.

Bathroom Interior Design Ideas & Amenities to Consider

Whether we are designing a bathroom for a penthouse, luxury home, loft apartment or office, we must ensure that each facet of the design can withstand the daily wear and tear a bathroom must endure. From temperature variations to excess moisture, your bathroom must be a combination of beauty and function.

Based on your timeline, budget and space, we can determine placement of the standard fixtures such as vanities and toilets. Then, from there we can consider more enjoyable accessories to embellish your new bathroom space. They may include:

  • Jet Stream Tub
  • Custom Shower System (with multiple shower heads, benches or steam shower)
  • Radiant Floor Heating System
  • Towel Warmers
  • Heat Lamps
  • Sauna
  • Mosaic Tiling

 These additional items can turn a basic bathroom experience into a much more gratifying visit to your very own personal oasis.

 Calgary Bathroom Interior Design Services

 Whether you are looking to update your powder room or completely remodel your master bedroom en-suite, LMNT Design offers a complete variety of bathroom interior design services to accommodate your needs. Our bathroom interior design capabilities range from initial consultation and idea gathering through detailed design plans to renovation, decoration and project completion. During our initial consultation, we will pose various questions that will help us determine the best use of your bathroom space and the amenities that you would like included in your bathroom or bathrooms. At that time, we will also take measurements of your space so that our designs can be drawn to scale. Once the designs are approved we can provide you with contact information for reliable contractors that we have partnered with in the past. Or if you prefer to work with a contractor that you have worked with in the past, we are open to meeting new colleagues. Either way, we will manage the progress of the bathroom renovation, all the while making sure that your character shines through in each and every element. To learn more about our LMNT interior design approach, visit Our Process page.

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